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CK Preparations opened for business in 2007. Owners Chris and Katie, have worked in the fossil industry for over 20 years in both the public and private sector. CKP focuses on the collection, preparation, and casting of vertebrate dinosaur fossils from the Hell Creek Formation of N.E. Montana. CKP accepts contracted preparation and casting projects. CKP also offers fossil consultation and exploration services for N.E. Montana.
Physical Address:
#549 Highway 117
Fort Peck, MT 59223
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Katie and I conduct commercial fossil services for our career. It's tough to make ends meet sometimes, but the enjoyment we have and the time together makes it all worth it, even with the -35 degree winters here in Montana. The thrill of finding a fossil that has been burried for ages, is something that needs to be experienced to understand. We enjoy all aspects of the paleo business. Katie and I each have our specialties outside of digging the fossils. Both Katie and I do the preparation also. I mainly do the molding and casting and Katie does the replica painting and fossil drawings. I do the ebay listings and Katie answers emails and ships the orders. It is a great partnership, we hope we can do this till we are old, though we might have to travel south for the winters.

Below are some images of us, our field camp, and our digging friends.
Above Left: Katie finds a T-rex tooth. (Spring 2010)
Above Middle & Right: Chris finds a super Chirostenotes claw, seen prepared on the right. (Spring 2010)

Above Left: Chris removing overburden with the crawler. I have to pretend not to enjoy it! ( 2009)
Above Middle: Katie jackets a large limb bone in the channel. (Spring 2008)
Above Right: The CKP camp. This is our home away from home while we dig in the field.

Our friends and digging partners.
We have a few friends that we take out to the field with us. Digging for fossils is a great experience when you can share it with friends. Even though it is a job for Katie and I, we have a lot of fun with it.
Clayton P. "The Dinosaur Cowboy" : Clayton is main digging partner.

Bob S. "The Old Man" : Bob and his wife Sue are some of our best friends in Fort Peck. We dragged Bob and Sue out a few years ago and now we can't keep him away, just kidding Bob. Bob is also our camp entertainment. He is a really good guitar player and most of the time he plays a few old tunes (way before my time) in the evening. The picture to the right of Bob is him giving Lisa (Clayton's wife) some lessons.

Tom S. : Tom and his wife Marsha are also great friends of our from Fort Peck. Here, Tom found something in the channel, at least now he will stop complaining about  not finding anything:) We enjoy your company Tom.!